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Videos and pictures of LMS 5000.

LMS 5000 10-12 Axis Automated Hole Drilling Laser System

Automated Part Loading , Drilling, Measurement and Ejection in Laser Drilling System

Loads and Orients 2 Different Part Types

Custom designed system to drill 50um Ø (10um – 200um) holes in steel mini-cups comprised of mostly nickel. Automation consists of  the following: feeding mechanism; transfer system; pick and place tool; and a main drilling rotary index plate with 8 individual stations for part loading, drilling, hole measurement and pass/fail ejection.

LMS 2500 OEM Excimer Laser Marking System

LMS 2500 Excimer Laser Micromachining System

Heavy Duty T300, 193nm Deep UV 300 Hz High

Speed Excimer Laser with Power Output of 14-18mJ per pulse at 100 Hz.

2x4” 1/4um accurate precision stages (X, Y, Z, U) Automated Gas Handling. System

Two visible zoom levels (1 co-axial w/laser beam) Integrated UV and Visible Imaging with projected reticule for focusing. Four Axis monochromatic (red)  illumination system Automatic programming of focus (X Axis)

LMS 550 Excimer Laser System - portable

LMS 550/650 Portable Excimer Laser Micromachining System

193nm Deep UV desktop 35 Hz Excimer laser system with 10 - 12mJ per pulse. The stages are automated 2x2” with 1.52um accuracy. For focusing there is a 1” 2um accurate manual z-stage with an integrated UV and visible imaging using a proprietary projected focusing reticle. The software interface allows automatic entry of vector based graphics and text which is converted to WYSIWYG DXF vectors which may be scaled and translated prior to conversion to motion control code.